Best MTT-players of the year in Netherlands

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Country ROI

17,02 mln


-7,36 mln

General profit in 2016

404,22/ 100 k

Number of МТТ players per 100K of population

8 th, $69,76 mln

Sum of buy-ins per country in 2016, rank by this index

11,13 %

Number of winning players in 2016, %


Average buy-in per country in МТТ


Number of players in Macropoker's TOP-1,000


Number of players with profit from $100K in 2016

Our calculations

The winner of the OPTA 2016 award within his country will be the player who collects the most number of points according to the following scheme:

The player gets 1 point for every $3,000 of profit.
For his rank in TOP-100 in the Macropoker SCORE rating in 2016 the player gets 100 points, for every next hundred — 2 points less. Starting from rank 5,001, everyone gets 0 points.
The player gets 5 points for 100 tournaments played.
The player gets 2 points for every prize of $3,000 and more.
The player gets 2 points for every prize of $100К.

* Macropoker SCORE rating — a general ranking of МТТ players. In this rating, for every tournament the player gets the number of points that depends of his place, prize won, buy-in, speed and complexity of the tournament. The best results of the player during the period are summed up, and then his ROI and average buy-in are accounted. The final result is an excellent illustration of the player's level and his achievements.

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